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I am a compassionate practitioner. Early in my career as a nurse I recognized that when a person is “ailing” there’s a lot more going on. Metaphysically “illness” is defined as “dis-ease.” Curing or healing the body is not just about giving pills, injections, performing tests and using technology. It’s about looking at the individual as a whole. That means looking at everything that could affect your health: emotions, relationships, finances, the environment, as well as, how you treat your physical body. We can “re-balance” our health by using multiple approaches that take into consideration the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects that impact our bodies.

So how can I help you?

Metaphysically, it is the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that lead to the physical body’s “dis-ease.” Hypnotherapy, Rohun Therapy, Reiki, Breath Work and Meditation are all alternative approaches that allow you to get below the surface of the conscious mind and examine those unconscious thoughts and beliefs that have led to unhealthy behaviors that affect your health. We will work together as partners. I want to understand what is going on in your life, as well as, your physical health. Together we will re-establish inner harmony.

Asking the hard questions to help you sort out what is truly important to help you reach your goals.

  • What are you willing to change to improve your health? Let’s look at what has worked and what has not. Let’s develop a new plan/strategy.
  • How will you feel once you have reached your personal goal?
  • How will you maintain it?
  • How can you help others with similar concerns?


  • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • RoHun Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Breathe Work Therapy
  • Pranic Healing
  • Mindfulness/Meditation


  • Letting Go Weekend
  • Personal Transformative Intensive
  • Freedom from Smoking Program
  • Trim-Life Weight Release Program
  • Prosperity Workshop
  • Dealing with Emotional Shock Workshop

Benefits to Clients

My goal for clients is complete physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Each assessment is individualized and together you (the client) and I develop an approach to achieve your personal goals.

  • Improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health
  • Stress reduction
  • Increase self-awareness and understanding
  • Release self-defeating beliefs and patterns,
  • Improved communication skills
  • Learn the role of integrity in increasing abundance and prosperity
  • Attract healthy, fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Create balance and achieve inner peace
  • Realizing your full potential

Who Am I?

I’m a board certified, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist. I have been in a traditional medicine practice for over 30 years and in hypnotherapy practice for 15 years. I specialize in primary care/chronic disease management and health promotion.

In my traditional practice I have blended tools from alternative/complimentary practices that promote the “mind-body-spirit” connection. I received undergraduate and graduate education from the University of Illinois in Chicago and post-graduate education from Wellness Institute, in Issaquah, WA and Delphi University, in McCaysville, GA. I currently practice and reside in Chicago, IL.

Why would a client want to come see me?

I create a safe, loving environmental for you to do the healing work needed free of concern about judgement, guilt, shame, fear, or anxiety.
You are more than bones, blood, tissues and organs…As Oprah says “we come from star stuff.” Now is the time to discover, renew and transform “you.”

You are an extraordinary being. Allow me to assist you with stepping into that power of self-discovery.

How I can help you?

My work involves a tailored individual approach based on your identified concerns. I assist you in clearing away the cobwebs; veils, illusions to truth so that you can make a sound, clear choice for your next steps in life based on your heart’s guidance.


Contact Information

Linda Tinson MPH, APRN/CNP, ACCHT, RhT
Heart Chrysallis
POB 805402
Chicago, IL 60680